Citi Biotest Card: How to Register, Check Balance & More

Biotest Prepaid Visa Card is given to all those who have donated their plasma in Biotest. It’s an incentive for donating your plasmas.

Every time you go to donate your plasma, an amount of money is credited to your card. It is a reloadable card and there is no maximum amount, so you can repeatedly donate your plasma without any worry of losing funds. You can keep these funds as your life-saving gifts by constantly adding more funds to the card.

This card has enhanced security and easy record keeping of all your transactions.

This card requires no fee and has the facility of withdrawal from the ATM.

Their official website is

Benefits of Biotest Prepaid Visa

The Biotest Prepaid Visa has a lot of benefits like:

  1. It can be used anywhere where Visa debit cards are used
  2. There is no maximum balance, the more you donate the more you can earn
  3.  You can pay for things by using this card in gas pumps, malls, stores, restaurants.
  4. You can withdraw from ATMs at anytime
  5. Get cashback and discounts from a debit purchase
  6. Transfer funds directly from the card to your personal bank account
  7. There is Mastercard Zero Liability Protection Scheme on your card if it gets lost or stolen
  8. Obtain your card balance online with the facility of paying bills online.

How to Register for Your Citi Biotest Card:

The Biotest Prepaid Visa has the facility of mobile banking, to avail of this facility you will first have to register online for your Card, to do so there are a few steps that you must follow before. The steps are :

Step 1: Visit their official site which is

Step 2: Click on the option saying “Register your card now”

Step 3: Now enter your 16 digit card number in front of the card and the security code at the back of your card

Step 4: You will also be asked to enter some more details about yourself to verify your identity, like your name, address, email and phone number

Step 5: Create a username and password for yourself which will be required for your future login attempts

Step 6: Click on the submit button and you will be successfully registered for your card.

To login into your account, you just need to enter your username and password.

In case you have forgotten your username or password, you can click on the ‘forgot password’ option and you will get a password recovery mail in your registered email from where you can create a new password or username

Once registered you can check few things online like: 

  1. Your account balance
  2. Your transaction history
  3. Change your Personal Identification Number (PIN)
  4. Update or Change your Personal Information
  5. Locate all ATMs using a single locator tool
  6. Transfer your money to your personal bank account from the card

It is important you set a PIN for your account, it is to be noted that there is a fee charge of $1.50 for domestic ATMs and a $3.50 charge for International withdrawals. There is also an inactivity charge, if there is no activity on your card for 90 days straight, a charge of $3 will be levied.

Citi Biotest Card Support Contact Details:

To set your PIN initially call on the number 1-800-225-1115, to report your card stolen or lost call on the number 1-877-855-7201 immediately. For any other customer care service call on the number 866-326-8689. I hope this article was comprehensible and will resolve all the issues that you face with Biotest Prepaid Visa.


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