PNC PayCard: How to Activate, Check Balance & More

The PNC Prepaid PayCard provides the user with the convenience of securely accessing one’s money, anytime they require to access it. One of the easiest ways to manage and check a PNC Bank PayCard is to visit their official website and check the details on

Why is PayCard a Safer Option?

The PNC Prepaid PayCard could be used anywhere with safety and convenience for a secure transaction. The PNC Prepaid PayCard is accepted and could be used anywhere VISA is accepted. The funds are actually stored on the VISA system and not actually on the card. This is extremely convenient and even safer than keeping cash because in case the card is stolen or lost, not much of a risk of losing the entire fund occurs.

What Is a PNC PayCard and How Does It Work?

A prepaid card from PNC is pay as one go credit card. This acts as a beneficial step as there are no credit checks, interest rates or overdraft fees. The funding of this is through a payroll deposit and this could be used anywhere to make any purchase up to the amount that is actually available on the PayCard.

Therefore, each time the PNC PayCard is used the amount through purchase or other uses is deducted from the remaining balance.

How to Activate the PNC PayCard?

The PNC PayCard is received from an employer or a sponsor and needs to be activated.

The following is the process to activate the card, which might be useful users:

  1. One needs to go to the official website, which is the and then click on the “Activate Card” option.
  2. Then one would be required to enter the card number, expiration date, security code and as well as any of the required personal details.

It must be noted that returning users could easily log in to their accounts. They could log in to their account anytime they want by visiting the homepage and entering the card number and AAC code in the “Cardholder Sign-in” section.

What More Does the Account Page Allows the Pnc Prepaid Card Users to Do?

  1. See Transaction history
  2. Check remaining balance
  3. Create and set up e-mails or text alerts
  4. Update personal information, when necessary
  5. View cardholder agreement

It also as an added bonus provides more benefits. Cardholders are eligible for special offers through Visa. Visa actually works with its corporate partners to help customers save on every day daily and regular purchases and transactions, and even provide more special events. The discounts and rewards change on a regular basis, providing the customers with a range of various options. To keep a check and know the changes in regular offers and discounts, one of the easiest ways is to keep an eye on and check on the official website, that is on the This is the easiest way to check what latest offers are available.

PNC PayCard Support Contact Details:

The support and helpdesk of PNC PayCard is very helpful and easy to avail in case needed.  In case one wants to report a card lost or stolen, or even for general customer service, one could call PNC toll free number at 1-866-453-5071. Correspondence could also be sent via mail to the address: Card Services, 701 Market Street, 3rd Floor 199-3513, Philadelphia, PA 19106.

It must be noted that PNC is absolutely not responsible for funding accounts. If there is an error with a payroll deposit, it is necessary that one must contact the issuing employer or card sponsor.


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