Upside Card Prepaid Visa: How to Manage, Benefits & More

Upside Card is one of those cards that prides itself in providing exceptional services and that too at the lowest possible cost and also provides multiple plans to fit individual needs.

What Are the Benefits of the Upside Card?

One needs to apply for an Upside Visa Prepaid Card at the official website, which is One could also manage their Upside Visa Prepaid Card through this official website. The card has all the flexibility of a debit card without the need for a credit or ChexSystems check.

An Upside Prepaid Card is comparatively a safer option than cash as the funds are kept in an FDIC-insured account and are protected against theft or fraud for about up to approximately $250,000. The Upside card actually prides itself in providing exceptional services at the lowest cost possible and provide multiple plans which actually fits the individual needs.

It must be noted that there are no fees for purchase, activation, or signature or PIN transactions and even direct deposits are free. The $4.95 monthly fee for Classic members can be actually lowered to $0.99 with qualifying deposits. And even Premium members actually pay nothing per month to maintain their accounts.

The also has a free application (app) for smartphones that let users manage their account and money from anywhere. One of the most beneficial added bonuses is that cardholders earn cashback returns on everyday purchases. This could be seen as their way of showing gratitude and say a “Thank You” and appreciation to their users.

How to Start the Upside Card Account?

It is rather extremely easy to start with an Upside Card account and be ready to use it. One needs to follow the following process to have hassle-free usage:

  1. One needs to select “Join” and then follow the following steps provided
  2. Users are required to select a card design and provide personal information, which might include name, address, social security number (SSN), date of birth and phone number.
  3. Then a Username and Password would be created
  4. After UPside verifies the user’s identity, then a card will be sent via mail
  5. To activate the card click “Activate” or “Login” from the UPside Card homepage
  6. Then would be required to use the associated username and password to get started

What Are the Other Benefits Which Upside Card Users Gain?

The returning Upsidecard users could log in to an online account center anytime for various other benefits, such as:

  1. To see transaction history
  2. To check the remaining balance
  3. To Update personal information, when required
  4. To put money in a Rainy Day Reserve
  5. To pay bills online
  6. To even schedule repeating payments
  7. To send checks with Upside’s check writing service

These are only a few benefits that Upside offers its users, one could check the various other benefits on their official website.

Upside Visa Prepaid Card Support Contact Details:

If one is required to check the full list and details of the fees and limitations associated with each plan, then they would be required to visit the official website, or click “Terms and Conditions.” If one is required to replace a card for any or various reasons, or for any general help regarding their account, then they would be required to contact the customer services and call the support at 1-866-845-6273. One could also write a written correspondence and send it via mia to the address, UPside Prepaid Cards, 55 Broad St., 7th Floor, New York, NY 10004. One could also write an email to the email address, [email protected]


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