ColoQuest UCard Center: How to Create Account & More

The ColoQuest UCard account is made for the people of Colorado, who require and qualify for the Food Assistance Program. This particular card is free for all eligible users and could be used at any authorized store across the country.

How to Manage a ColoQuest UCard Account?

To review and manage the ColoQuest Card account, one needs to visit the official website, which is  This particular account service is made for those who are eligible for the Food Assistance Program.

This Card is not a credit card and therefore does not affect credit rating. It could be used for the purchase of fruits, vegetables, cereals, meats, dairy products and many other healthy food products for the cardholders and their families. But it cannot be used for the purchase of various things, such as candy, fast food, alcohol and cigarettes.

It must be remembered that there are not any fees associated with transactions using a valid card or even for utilizing the online account

How to Access the ColoQuest Card Account?

One could access the ColoQuest Card Account in a simple manner. Access to the account is rather easy and could be understood through the following simple process:

  1. One needs to visit the official website on to access the account and then click “Activate”
  2. Then they would require to enter the number on the card which is provided by the Food Assistance Program and follow the steps accordingly
  3. After this, the user would be required to a User ID and Password

It needs to be remembered that for future visits, one could simply select the User ID and Password, they had selected earlier to access the account.

In case, a user forgets the User ID or Password, then they would need to select and click on the “Forgot User ID” or “Forgot Password”, as required by the user trying to access the account. It is necessary to keep the Colo Quest Card handy as the user would require the number to access the account information.

What More Does the ColoQuest Account Allows Its Users to Do?

The ColoQuest account allows its users to access various other things, such as:

  1. To check their balance
  2. To review recent and old transactions
  3. To update card information
  4. To contact customer service

These are only a few things that the ColoQuest account allows its users, there are many more other things.

ColoQuest Account Contact and Support Details:

It must be noted that the ColoQuest Card page requires the use of Adobe Reader. A link is already provided on the page of the website to obtain Adobe, in case it is not already installed on the user’s computer or device.

If one needs assistance on the account and requires to contact the support desk, then they would be required to call on the number, 1-888-328-2656. One could also write a written correspondence and this must be sent via mail to the address, Colorado Department of Human Services, Office of Economic Security, Food Assistance Program, 1575 Sherman St., 3rd Floor, Denver, CO 80203-1714.


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