Get Card Balance: Vanilla Mastercard – How to Retrieve Balance & More

The Vanilla Prepaid Card could be seen as a stored-value, prepaid card available in Mastercard or Visa format. They could be used anywhere, as long as Mastercard and Visa are accepted in those places. Through this card, one could purchase via mail order, point of sale retail, and online stores. Recently it has been seen that they have become an ideal gifting option.

How to Retrieve Balance?

To retrieve the remaining balance on one’s Vanilla Prepaid card, one of the best methods is to visit the official website on With Vanilla the possibilities of shopping increase by a multifold of choices to choose from. One is not constrained down by the boundaries of a credit card as a prepaid format but one is also provided with the freedom one enjoys from a debit card. InComm is the only company that is primarily and exclusively offering this MasterCard Gift Card, and this could be used anywhere that accepts MasterCard debit cards.

One could use so that they could use it to check the balance of the card at any time by entering a few important informative details into the provided boxes. The details that one might need to provide will actually come from their personal Vanilla card.

These details would like any other general card details one uses for transactions would likely have a few similar informative details, some of the details one would require are, the card number, the expiration date, and CVV. It needs to be remembered that if one is not sure what the CVV of their particular card is, then they could find it out by clicking on the link provided underneath the box, after which a small pop-up window would appear and through this process, they would be able to know their CVV, as it would direct them to where the CVV is located on their card.

If one would like to view the terms and conditions for the available products, then they could click on the link at the bottom of the screen for further details. If they require more information regarding the selection or resetting of the PIN for their particular card then they could easily log in and then select the “Manage PIN” option, as that is a hassle-free and easier method.

How to Make a Purchase in a Store Using the Card:

If one is interested and would like to make a purchase in a store all they require is to:

1. Provide their card to the cashier. One would also most likely also have to sign a receipt or push the “Credit” button on their keypad.

2. It is mandatory that one will need to know their card balance before making a purchase because merchants do not have the ability to determine the balance on the card on their behalf. If what one is attempting to purchase is of greater value than the amount on their card, then one absolutely does not need to be worried and scared about overdraft fees, because it would most certainly be declined at the check-out counter.

3. If they would like to make a purchase using two forms of payment, especially if they would like to purchase an item with a value greater than the amount available on the card, then all one has to do is inform the cashier how much they will like to pay with each type of payment.

Get Card Balance Support Contact Details:

Get Card Balance could be considered the main source of information for the requirement of any information about one’s Vanilla MasterCard Gift Card. However, if one is not sure about any information, and still have questions that are not offered on the official website of Get Card Balance, then they could call the help desk number 1-800-680-5938.


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