READYdebit Prepaid Card: How to Register, Number & More

You would think that the Ready Debit Prepaid Card is just like every other Prepaid card and has the same features and accessibilities, but no. Ready Debit Prepaid Cards definitely do share some common features with the other prepaid cards like offering direct deposit of paychecks and benefit checks, online bill payments, and ATM withdrawals but what sets it apart from the other prepaid cards is that it provides the account holders with their credit score and allows them to apply for a traditional card whenever they wish to.

This card provides Visa’s Zero Liability Protection which means that even if your cards get lost or stolen, there will be no harm to your money since the approval is guaranteed upon identity verification.

There are two types of cards to choose from 1. Select 2. Control.

Select Card comes with a monthly fee of $9.95 and no charge for signature or PIN transactions.

Control Card comes with a $4.95 set-up fee, no monthly charges but $1 per transaction fee.

For more details about the card, visit their official site www.readydebit.comand, to know about the fees, click on the tab that says fees and features on the site.

Benefits of Ready Debit Prepaid Card:

This card, as you have seen above, has a lot of pros as well as cons, now to put it into points:


  1. Maintains a credit score
  2. It can be converted into a credit card
  3. Safety of money since the transactions are based on identity verification
  4. There is direct deposit of cheques
  5. Online payment of bills


  1. Fees are unavoidable
  2. Not the cheapest card

As you can see, the pros have obviously outweighed the cons, and therefore buying a Ready Debit Prepaid Card is worth it!

How to Register for the Ready Debit Prepaid Card Online:

The Card has the accessibility of mobile banking, you can make all your transactions and payments through phone, but for that first, you will have to register for the Ready Debit Prepaid Card. There are a few steps to that.

Step 1: Visit their website

Step 2: Select the option “Get Started”

Step 3: Enter your details like your name, address, email, phone number

Step 4: Enter your Card Number and your Social Security Number

Step 5: Create a username and password for yourself and select whether there will be direct deposit on your card or not, and agree to the Cardholder Terms and policies given

Step 6: Click on the submit button, and you will be successfully registered.

There is no need for approval on your credit history; you just need to be above 18 and a U.S. citizen to get this card.

Once logged in, you can check:

  1. Your remaining funds
  2. Pay your bills online
  3. Set up direct deposit
  4. See your transaction history
  5. Update your personal information

READYdebit Prepaid Card Support Contact Details:

If you have any questions or inquiries to make, you can mail them to [email protected]. If your card is lost or stolen or if you have forgotten your PIN, you can make a call on the number 1-866-295-2460.


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