How to Activate Sears Mastercard? – [Full Guide]

If you’re a shopaholic, you must have heard about the Sears Mastercard. Sears is a large chain of departmental stores in the United States America, and they offer various goods and services to its people. With Sears being one of the people’s favorites in the country, it has quite many regular customers, and Sears knows how to treat them well.

Regular customers of Sears stand a chance to sign up for a Sears Mastercard. This credit card is issued by Citibank and is popular among many stores in the country. This Sears Mastercard comes with relatively few benefits for the user to cherish his/her shopping experience.

This card does not come with an annual fee, but it has a high APR, 27.24%. Still, this card is an excellent option to keep in your purse because it comes with monthly offers and rewards that the user can redeem at a store or online.

This Sears Mastercard can be applied at stores or online, and once the application process is done, the customer will receive their unique Sears MasterCard. Once he/she gets the card, they are required to activate it, confused on how to do it? Read this article thoroughly to complete your Sears Mastercard activation quickly.

Things required for the activation of Sears Mastercard:

Before starting your activation, you are required to have these following information and documents ready:

  • Your unique Sears Mastercard
  • Your Sears card number
  • Security Code
  • Account holder’s information
  • Last four digit of the user’s SSN

If you have all these ready, you can go ahead with your activation process.

How to Activate Sears Mastercard

You can activate your Sears card in three different ways:

  • By using Online Portal.
  • By using Phone.
  • Through Mail.

Now let us specifically cover information about every method listed above…

1. Activate Sears Mastercard Online:

Online activation is the easiest way to activate your Sears card. To begin with:

  • In your browser, open
  • Once the portal is opened, you are required to enter your card number, your name on card, your security code, and the last four digits of the primary cardholder’s SSN.
  • After filling in, double check your details and tap verify.
  • Your card will be verified and activated automatically. Quick and easy, right?

2. Activate Sears Mastercard with Phone:

If you find it difficult or unable to activate your card online, you always have the option to activate it over your phone. For this,

  • You have to contact 1-800-669-8488, the official number for Sears Mastercard activation. You have to call them via your registered phone number.
  • Once it gets picked up, you have to provide the details like your name, card number, address, contact information, security code, and last four-digit of the SSN. Once you are done, just get the confirmation.
  • Your card will be activated soon.

3. Activate Sears Mastercard Through Mail:

While the above 2 are the most comfortable option for your card activation, some might face trouble doing it. In such times you can always mail them to help activate your card. Write a letter to the head office and include your account details in it. This might help to solve your issue.

For Troubleshooting: 

If in any way, you are unable to do or have doubts about completing the activation process even after using the methods mentioned above, you can contact the Citibank customer service via 1-800-815-7701; they will be happy to help you.

Security Note:

Be careful with where you are putting in your credit card details; make sure if it is the official website. After activation, sign the back of your card to avoid fraud, identity theft, etc. Before signing up, read your cardholder agreement carefully.

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With the help of all details mentioned above, activate your Sears Mastercard safely and securely, and for what its worth, get the most out of your credit card.

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