How to Activate Regions Bank Card : Guide

Finally, you have decided your banking partner as Regions Bank, Congratulations! Your relationship with the bank only intensifies more when you decide to take Regions Bank Card. Regions Bank Activate Card can make a significant change in your shopping habit if you use it for your shopping, As it can unlock many offers and deals, thus making your Shopping life more fun!

How to Activate Regions Bank Card?

In this article, we will be helping you with Regions Bank check Card Activation. You are not required to travel anywhere to activate Regions Bank Card. You can even do your Regions Bank Card Activate from where you are now itself. And we are going to show you that in the simplest possible way.

The method we explain here can be used for both Regions Bank Debit Card Activation and Regions Bank Credit card activation. You can even do Regions Visa check card Activation by this article.

Before going through the methods of Regions Bank Card Activation, you are required to note some things:

Things You Need to Activate Your Regions Bank Card:

  • A stable internet connection (if you are registering online)
  • A registered account in the: ( for online activation of your card)
  • Your Regions Bank Card (for providing card details)
  • Your details such as Your Name, Adress, Date of Birth, etc. (Make sure it is all the same as provided to the bank before)
  • Only cards issued to the person enrolled for Online Banking can be activated. Other cardholders on your account must log in or enroll separately.

All set? Now lets’ jump into the central part, for which you have come here:

Methods for Regions Bank Card Activation:

You can activate your Regions Bank card in mainly two ways:

  • Activating your card through online
  • By calling Regions Bank Card Activation Number

You can choose any of the ways which we have mentioned above. Don’t worry; we are going to explain in detail about both ways you further in this article. Let’s take a look at each one of them:

1. How to Activate Regions Card Online:

Do note that you are required to have a stable internet connection for completing this method fast and without any problem, as a slow internet connection may not actually enter your data and may even reload the page even before finishing the process. So a stable internet connection is advised.

How to Activate Regions Card Online

  • You can begin the process of activating your Regions Bank Card by visiting:
  • Login to your account by entering your Username and Password.
  • From the Customer Services menu, select Service.
  • Under the Card Services section, Select Activate Card.
  • Enter your new card number, the last four digits of your Social Security Number, and the card expiration date. Then select Submit.
  • You will receive confirmation that your new card has been activated and available for immediate use.

2. How to Activate Regions Bank Card by Calling on Number:

If you are a person who doesn’t prefer to do this by online or having an unstable Internet connection, this is the perfect method for you to activate your Regions Bank Card.

  •  Dial the customer care number of the Regions Bank activate card number  (1-800-734-4667)
  • Once your call gets picked up, ask the Regions Bank Customer Service representative for the card activation service.
  • Once asked, you will be required to provide your card details like your card number, card CVV code, reference number, and your card type.
  • Follow the instructions and provide your personal information when asked by the staff.
  • You will be notified that your Regions Bank Card has been activated.

Regions Bank Card Helpline Numbers & Official Website:

  • Visa CheckCard Customer Service 1-800-295-8472
  • Regions Credit Card Customer Service 1-800-253-2265
  • Lost or Stolen Regions CheckCard 1-800-295-8472
  • Contact Regions Bank online:


If you have any doubts regarding the article, please try to go through the article as it may clear many uncleared doubts. Else you can get the help of the Santander Helpline provided above if you wanted.

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Make sure never to share your password or your pin with anyone. Never save your password and username on any merchant’s sites. Be aware of fraud calls that may try to know your pin, password, username, etc.

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