How to Activate Bluebird Credit Card | : Guide

Choosing a prepaid credit card as a substitute for your Bank account is a great choice. And if your credit card provider is Bluebird, then you have made another great decision! As Bluebird credit card was rated #86 best companies on Fortune 500. The bluebird credit card also promises to offer the benefits of banking without all the fees.

The next thing to do before taking your shopping partner for shopping is to activate your card. And in this article, we are going to see all the methods to activate your Bluebird Card. All the mentioned methods here are the simplest and fastest. All of the methods are fast and easy, which only takes a few moments to do.

Features Of Bluebird Credit Card

  • Access Customer service 24/7
  • No monthly or transaction fees and several Easy methods to add money to the card.
  • Enjoy emergency roadside assistance, purchase protection, shopping and entertainment offers.
  • Comes with valuable perks and services from American Express.
  • Bluebird can be used almost anywhere that American Express is accepted.
  • Free withdrawals at Moneypass ATMs.

Before getting into the primary process, you need to get ready with some things:

Things You Need to Have to Activate Your Bluebird Credit Card:

  • A stable Internet connection
  • Make sure you are giving the right information.

All set? Now lets’ jump into the central part, for which you have come here.

How to Activate Bluebird Credit Card Online:

Do note that you are required to have a stable internet connection for completing this method fast and without any problem, as a slow internet connection may not actually enter your data and may even reload the page even before finishing the process. So a stable internet connection is advised.

How to Activate Bluebird Credit Card Online

  • Click on “Register your Card”.
  • When asked, you are required to provide your 15 digits Temporary Card Number that placed on your card after entering to the next page.
  • After that enter your 4 digits Security Code Number.
  • In the next step, you need to enter your First name, Last name after that enter your Email id. You will be asked again to Re-type your Email ID in the text box.
  • After that, you will be required to provide your full address and choose your phone number type then enter your phone number.
  • Users need to create a Username and retype the username.
  • Created a new PASSWORD and Re-type the same PASSWORD.
  • Share your Date Of Birth correctly.
  • After this, you are needed to generate an ATM PIN and Re-Type the ATM PIN.
  • Respond correctly to the Security Question to proceed. After answering correctly, click on the “Agree-And-Submit” option.
  • You will be notified when your card gets activated.

Bluebird Credit Card Helpline Numbers & Official Website:

  • You can Contact Bluebird customer service by the following phone numbers:
    • US: 1 (877) 486-5990
    • International: 1 (801) 449-4016
  • Official Website:


If you have any doubts regarding the article, please try to go through the article as it may clear many uncleared doubts. Else you can get the help of the Bluebird Helpline provided above if you wanted.

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Never share your card details over the phone, email, or via SMS from numbers claiming that they are from the bank or your credit card provider. Bluebird Credit Card Activation is only available on the official site, which means you should never try to activate your Bluebird Credit Card on any merchant’s site.

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