How to Activate Barclay Debit Cards : Guide

Barclay is a multinational corporation based out of London, United Kingdom. Barclay cards are a significant introduction from this company, and they have been in the market for a very long time now. They offer various credit and debit cards for their customers all over the world with international accessibility.

Barclays brings you some classic chip cards which are safe for use anywhere. They offer Visa cards that are backed by some robust and secure online transaction networks, so the users don’t have to worry about online fraud. These Barclay Debit cards come with many features and benefits, which attracts a lot of customers.

With Barclay, you get your personalized debit cards with the design of your liking. You have different options to choose from, and also you get amazing rewards for each of those cards. You can use these Barclay debit cards internationally, and it will be accepted around the globe. You can also make a safe and secure online transaction to any online merchant safely and securely.

Barclay offers your high withdrawal limit at ATMs and also has secure worldwide access. They provide top-class customer support through which the users can report about their lost or damaged card, and their query will be rectified soon. Users will also get card liability insurance for their lost or mishandled card. You can control how and where your card is utilized through the ‘Cards’ segment in our app. Set cutoff points on installments on the web or abroad and money withdrawals, briefly freeze your card on the off chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea where it is, report it lost or taken, see your PIN, and then some.

How to Activate Barclaycard?

Now that we have discussed all the features, benefits, and prices of this Barclay Debit Card, let us discuss how to activate it when you get one because this is where many people get confused; you too? Do not worry; read this article entirely to complete your Barclay Debit card activation safely and securely.

Things Required for the Barclays Card Activation Process:

Before diving into the activation process, make sure you have this information and documents ready in hand.

  • Your unique Barclay Debit Card.
  • Account Holder Information
  • Personal and security information

Got them ready? Now let us proceed towards the activation process.

Methods to Activate Your Barclays Debit Card:

There are three methods through which you can activate your Barclay Debit Card, and they are:

  • Activation through Online.
  • Activation through Phone.
  • Activation through Mobile App.

1. How to Activate Your Barclay Debit Card Online:

To do this, you have to be registered with Barclaycard online servicing. Use your new card and account holder information to register.

How to Activate Your Barclay Debit Card Online

  • Once you opened it, click on the Existing Customer option, in that click on Your Account. In the options listed, choose to Activate your debit card.
  • Now log in using your user ID and Password. You can also login using your 16 digit card number.
  • Once you are in, give your personal details like name, address, date of birth, etc.
  • Now, enter your card details such as 16 digit card number and CVV.
  • Recheck your details and submit it.
  • Your card will be activated, and you will be notified.

2. How to Activate Your Barclay Debit Card Through Phone:

If you face trouble or unable to activate your card online, you can do it offline with your phone:

  •  On your phone, call the Hawaiian Credit Card Activation number which is, 00-44-24-7684-2100
  • Once it gets picked up, follow the instructor.
  • Now, provide your card details such as the type of card, card number, CVV, and reference number.
  • You are also required to provide your personal details like name, address, DOB, and security information.
  • Once you finish this, the instructor will verify and activate your card.

3. How to Activate Your Barclay Debit Card Through Mobile App:

You can also activate your Barclay Debit card through the Barclay Mobile App. Follow these steps to do it.

  • Download the Barclay Mobile app from the app store. It is available for both Android and Ios.
  • Log in using your internet banking user name and password.
  • In your account, find your card and choose to activate it.
  • Follow the same prompts mentioned for online activation.
  • Your card will be activated, and you will be notified.

Security and Conclusion: 

We hope we have provided a hand full of information for you to activate your Barclay Debit card. If you still face any trouble with your card or account, you can always call the Barclay customer care service at 08001510900; their customer care representatives will be happy to help you. To avoid fraud and identity theft, please make sure you put in your account holder and security information on the official website only and make sure to sign the back of your card once it gets activated. Also, if your card is lost or stolen, immediately alert customer service and block your card. For what it is worth, make the most out of your Barclay Debit Card.

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