Taco Bell Prepaid Card: Benefits, How to Register Online & More

I am sure everyone reading this article knows about Taco Bell and has eaten Tacos from Taco Bell at least once in their life and not surprisingly it will definitely be the best tacos you have ever eaten.

It originated in California in the year 1962 by the founder Glen Bell.

It serves over 40 million people weekly around the globe.

Prepaid Citi Bank partnered with Taco Bell and came up with the Taco Bell Prepaid Card. It is also known as Purple Card.

With the help of the card, the hassles of paying wages every month through cheques and waiting for the traditional bank methods to follow is eliminated, the wages are transferred to the employee’s Purple Card every month effortlessly. The employer no longer has to produce, distribute the cheques to every single employee and the employee does not have to go to the bank anymore to encash the cheques.

The earnings are directly transferred to the employee’s card every week, it can be accessed and managed by visiting their official websitewww.citiprepaid.com/tacobellthe card can be used wherever Visa debit cards are accepted.

The card is very safe and secured since there is Visa’s Zero Liability Protection, so if your card gets lost or stolen it can be replaced easily without any loss of your funds.

Benefits of Taco Bell Prepaid Card:

As you can already predict, this Prepaid card also known as the Purple Card has a lot of benefits like:

  1. It is a very safe and secured card since there is Visa’s Zero Liability Protection applied
  2. It is very convenient since there is no waiting to get paid and then traveling to encash the cheque
  3. It is very time efficient since the wages are received in a click and at the comfort of your homes
  4. The funds can be withdrawn from ATMs
  5. There is no need to have a bank account for maintaining this card

How to Register Online for the Taco Bell Prepaid Card:

To access and manage the card, you will first have to register online on their website, to do so there are a few steps you must follow like:

Step 1: Visit their official website www.citiprepaid.com/tacobell

Step 2: Click on the option that says “Register your card now”

Step 3: Enter your 16 digit card number and the security code given at the back of your card

Step 4: You will also be asked to enter your personal details to verify your identity and to protect your card against fraudulent activities

Step 5: Create a username and password for yourself which will be required in the future when you log in

Step 6: Click on the submit button and then you will successfully be registered for your card online

Once logged in, you can check a few things like:

  1. Your remaining balance
  2. Your transaction history
  3. Your deposits history
  4. Update your personal information
  5. Review your fee schedule
  6. Set a Personal Identification Number for yourself

Taco Bell Prepaid Card Support Contact Details:

The Citi Bank is not responsible for any wage installation in your card, for any of those questions you will have to directly contact your employer.

For any bank-related issue, contact the number given at the back of your card and you can also contact customer care by logging into your account and sending a message or email to them.


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