Prepaid Citi Biolife Card: How to Register, Check Balance & More

For every plasma donation made at Biolife, the donor will get funds credited to your Biolife Card. The first time you donate plasma at Biolife, a card will be issued in your name. This card is like a Visa Debit Card, it can be used in all the places where a Visa is accepted. It can also be used in ATMs to withdraw cash.

The funds transferred in your will remain very safe and secure and there will not be any issues of some fraudulent activity happening.

This is a pragmatic solution since many people are not motivated enough to donate their plasmas, this is a noble work since it will help people in distress and will also be beneficial for the donor.

Their official website is

Advantages of Citi Biolife Card:

Biolife card has been introduced by Biolife for such a righteous cause, to encourage people to donate plasmas. This in itself is beneficial to society. Along with this, there are certain advantages of the card.

  1. It is very convenient and time-efficient
  2. The facility of mobile banking is available for this card, you can check your balance or make transactions from your phone in few seconds.
  3. You accept funds as a donor and can use that money anywhere anytime
  4. The card can be used at ATMs to withdraw the cash
  5. The card also gives you many benefits and discounts and also reminds you of your upcoming appointments for donations.

How to Register Online for Citi Biolife Card:

If you have received a card from Biolife after donating your plasma, then you should register it online so that you can manage all the monetary transactions of your card through your phone. There are a few steps you need to follow to register yourself online.

Step 1: Visit the official site of the Citi Biolife card which is

Step 2: On the screen, you will see an option of “Register your card” select that option.

Step 3: A new page will open on your screen, where you have to enter your 16 digit card number which is on the front of your card and also the security code which is at the back of your card.

Step 4: Now you will be asked to enter your details, like your name, email, address. Verify all those details to confirm your identity.

Step 5: Create a username and password for yourself which will be required for your future login attempts.

If you have more than one card, then you can register them too by clicking on the option that says “access another card” then enter your other card details, the 16 digit card number and the security code for that card.

How To Check Your Biolife Card Balance:

If you want to check your Biolife Card Balance without having to login into your account, then you just have to SMS ‘BAL’ to 445544 and you will be charged the usual carrier rates. You can call the number at the back of your card to know your balance.

You can also check by logging into your account and selecting the option of check your balance, your balance and your transaction history will appear on your screen.

Biolife partnered with Citi to come up with the Citi Biolife Card to promote plasma donation in the people.

Prepaid Citi Biolife Card Support Contact Details:

If you have issues with your card or any queries you can call on the number 1-888-472-0099


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