How to Activate Navy Federal Award Card : Step-by-Step Guide

Since 1933, Navy Federal Credit Union has been grown from 7 members to over 9 million members. as Navy Federal Credit Union is an armed forces bank, primarily focusing on serving the Navy, Army, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, veterans, DoD & their families of the United States forces.

The Navy Federal Awards Card is accepted everywhere in the United States, where Visa® Debit Cards are accepted. Navy Federal Awards Cards are loaded with a particular limit of the amount of funds used for multiple purchases until the value remains on the Card.

As the name suggests, Navy Federal Award Card awards the users with various benefits like bonuses, gifts, cashback, and discounts, etc.  Now that we have seen the benefits of a Navy Federal Award Card let’s get to the main point why you came here; How to activate a Navy Federal Awards Card.

Before that, we need to consider somethings before getting started:

Things Required for the Navy Federal Gift Card Activation Process:

  • Your Navy Federal Awards card
  • An account in the Navy Federal website (if registering online)
  • Your personal information such as your name
  • A stable internet connection (for activation online)

All set? Now let’s see by which all ways Navy Federal Awards Card can be activated:

Methods to Activate Navy Federal Awards Card:

You can activate your Navy Federal gift card in the following ways:

  • Activation through online
  • by using the activation phone number on the Navy federal gift card

Let’s see each method in detail.

1. How to Activate Navy Federal Awards Card Online:

Please note that you need a stable internet connection for doing this method.

How to Activate Navy Federal Awards Card Online

  • Create your Navy Federal ID if you haven’t yet. You’ll be required to create a 4-digit PIN and create a username to sign in.
  • Click on the “Activate” tab to enter the card activation window.
  • Select the “Activate-Navy-Federal-Card” option
  • You will receive an OTP (one-time-password) to your registered number.
  • Provide the OTP code you received to the server.
  • You will be required to give your Navy Federal Awards Card number.
  • Then enter the 3 – digit CVV found behind your card.
  • After completing click on “Submit.”
  • You will be notified from the page itself when your card gets activated.

2. How to Activate Your Navy Federal Awards Card by Phone:

  • Dail the phone number on navy federal gift card: 1-888-842-6328
  • Please pay attention to the receiver from the Navy Federal Awards card on the other side.
  • Ask for the Card Activation Service
  • You will be required to follow the instructions and provide your personal information.
  • After that, provide your Navy Federal Awards card information.
  • After completing your process, you will be informed that your card is activated.

Navy Federal Gift Card Helpline:

  • Toll-Free phone number: 1-888-842-6328
  • Navy Federal FAQ website:
  • Postal Address: Navy Federal, P.O. Box 3000, Merrifield, VA  22119-3000


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We hope that our Navy Federal awards card activation article helped you in activating your Navy Federal Awards Card. it can offer safe, secure, and faster transactions possible rather than cash transactions or it can be also considered as an alternative to Debit and Credit cards in some situations. Please be careful if you are asked to share your card details or any other personal information like that.

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