How to Activate Capital One Debit Card : Guide

Got a Barclay card? The next thing you may want is to take out your Capital One for shopping. But wait, there’s one last thing to do before you use this card’s power; it is to activate the card. In this article, we are going to see about Capital One Debit Card Activation.

How Do I Activate My Capital One Debit Card?

Don’t worry if you are going to activate your Capital One debit card online for the first time, because in this post, we are going to show all the simple procedures you need to do on How to activate Capital One Debit Card. We will detail each step and thus making sure you are going to have a simple and fast Capital One Activation.

Now let’s get to the CapitalOne Activation process:

Things You Need to Have to Activate Capital One Debit Card:

  • Registering an account in the Barclays website (for activating online)
  • Your Barclays Credit Card (for providing card details)
  • Make sure to provide the same details which you have given to Credit One before.

All set? Now lets’ jump into the central part, Capital One Activate:

Methods to Activate Capital One Debit Card:

  • By visiting the Capital One activation page Online.
  • By dialing to Capital One activation number.

You can choose any of the ways which we have mentioned above. We are going to explain in detail all of the mentioned ways further in this article:

1. How to Activate Capital One Debit Card Online:

All you need extra other than your Capital One card in this step is a good internet connection. If you have that (obviously, that’s why you searched “How to activate Capital One debit card” and reached here) then let’s go through each step.

How to Activate Capital One Debit Card Online

  • Enter into your account by clicking on the Sign-in button. If you don’t have any, you can always create one by clicking on the “Start Here” button to enter to the page of account creation.
  • After entering into your account, you are required to some personal details and details about your card.
  • You will be directed towards the verification process.
  • After completing the verification process, you will be informed that your Capital One debit card has been activated.

2. How to Activate Capital One Debit Card by Calling on Activation Number:

If your internet is not strong enough or you are just on interested in creating another account in another new website (well this is not just any other “another” website, or you prefer calling over these modern age ways, then this is method may be the one for you.

  • To start the Capital One card offline activation process, you need  to dial this number (1 (800) 678 7820)
  • After getting a response from the other side, you need to ask them for the Capital Card activation.
  • You will be required to follow the prompts, and You will be informed once the card gets activated and then you can take it anywhere you want to go.

Things to Note:

By activating Capital One, Debit Card Activation allows their users to tode safe and faster transaction. It will also be offering you many different benefits like bonus, discount, cashback, and gifts etc. Please keep to now that you should not be giving your card details to anyone.

If you are having any doubts regarding this, try going through the article once again. And if that doesn’t help here are the ways through which you can contact Capital One

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Thank you for visiting this blog and reading it till the end.

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