How to Activate Sodexo Card : Step-by-Step Guide

Sodexo Card is a PIN-based card with 3-year validity. The Sodexo Meal Pass is a smart card that’s easy to use and offers tax savings to employees. The card comes with a nationwide network of 1,00,000+ unique points of acceptance across 1,700+ cities.

Sodexo offers employee benefits and incentive and recognition programs like food coupons. Employers generally provide Sodexo coupons to their employees. These coupons can be used at grocery stores, restaurants, and cafeterias.

How to Activate Sodexo Card?

In this article, we will be helping you with Sodexo Card Activation. You have the option to activate your Sodexo card without traveling anywhere. You can even do your Sodexo Card Activate from where you are now. We are going to show you how to activate the Sodexo card in the simplest possible way.

The method which we are explaining here can be used for activating Sodexo Card. There is no need to go and check other articles. This is the one-stop to find all step by step guide for your Sodexo Card activation without any confusion.

Before going through the methods of Sodexo Card Activation, you are required to note some things,

Things You Need for Sodexo Card Activation:

  • A stable internet connection (if you are registering online)
  • Use your registered email id for activation (for activation online)
  • Your Sodexo Card (for providing card details)
  • Use registered number for calling Sodexo Card customer Service (Activation through Phone Number)

All set? Now let’s look at all the ways with which you can Activate the Sodexo card:

Methods to Activate Sears Credit Card:

You can activate your Sears Credit card in mainly two ways:

  • Activating your Sodexo card through online
  • Activate Sodexo Card through SMS

You can choose any of the ways which we have mentioned above. Whatever method you choose, we will explain in detail each of the ways mentioned here for you further in this article. Let’s take a look at each one of them:

1. How to Activate Sodexo Card Online:

Do note that you must have a stable internet connection for completing this method fast and without any problem. A slow internet connection may not actually enter your data and may even reload the page before finishing the process. So a stable internet connection is advised.

How to Activate Sodexo Card Online

  • Begin the process of activating your Sodexo Card by visiting:
  • Enter your registered mobile number or email address
  • Enter the 12 digit card reference number
  • Enter the 12 digit card reference number
  • Verify  that you are a human by doing the captcha verification
  • Click on Get Activation Code
  • Enter the activation code (which you will receive the core at the registered email id and phone number as Email and SMS)
  • Click on the Activate card to complete the procedure.
  • You will be notified once your card gets activated.

2. How to Activate Sodexo Card by SMS:

If you are a person who doesn’t prefer to do this online or facing issues with an unstable Internet connection, this is the perfect method for you to activate your Sodexo Card.

  • To begin the process, you are required to send an SMS from your Sodexo registered mobile number: 9225660070
  •  Message format:
    CARD<space>ACT<space><12 digit Card Reference Number><space><Last 4 digit of your Card Number>
  • You will be notified once your card gets activated.

Sodexo Card Helpline Numbers, Email & Official Website:

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If you have any doubts regarding the article, please try to go through the article as it may clear many uncleared doubts.  Else you can get the help of the Sodexo Card Helpline provided above if you wanted.

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