How to Activate Indigo Platinum Mastercard? – [Guide]

Nowadays, people find it difficult to have perfect credit, and it is due to many reasons. If you fail to have a ideal credit, most banks will not offer you a credit card. The credit rate is not only crucial for credit cards; they are essential even for loans. So, do you fall under the category of those people who fail to have perfect credit? Do not worry; this article is for you because here we have presented you with the detail of the Indigo Platinum Mastercard.

The Indigo Platinum Mastercard is explicitly intended for those with not exactly wonderful credit. Furthermore, your month to month Indigo card installments are accounted for to every one of the three significant credit agencies, helping fabricate a positive installment history.

With this card, you can get 24/7 account access even in mobile, chip card technology, monthly reporting to the credit bureau, and Indigo allows you to choose from multiple card designs with no extra charge. There is also no need to have any security deposits.

Now that we have seen the Indigo Platinum Mastercard’s information and benefits, you might be interested in getting one. To apply for this one, you just have to go to the indigo card official website: and do a pre-qualify test for your credit, or if you have a mail offer, you can directly apply for one. Applied and got the card and do not know how to activate it? No worries, in this article, we have deeply discussed various methods to activate your Indigo Platinum Mastercard. Read it till the end to perform your activation process safely and securely.

Ways to Activate Indigo Platinum MasterCard

There are two ways in which you can activate your Indigo Platinum Mastercard:

  • Activation via online.
  • Activation through Phone.

Both are simple and easy if you follow the steps given below.

1. How to Activate Indigo Platinum MasterCard Online 

This is the easiest way to activate your Indigo Platinum MasterCard. Before starting, make sure you have your card, account holder, and security information ready with you. If you are prepared with those, you may proceed towards the activation process.

How to Indigo Mastercard Process Explained

  • Now click the Login or My Account option at the top, and you will be redirected to a different page, which is
  • Now on the new page, give you username and password and press Login. If you do not have a username and password, click the Register option below and register for an account.

Log-In to Indigocard Website

  • Once you are logged in, you will be required to give your card details such as account number, expiry date, etc. Make sure the given inputs are correct, if it is, then proceed through.
  • Now you are required to input your new Personal Identification Number (PIN) for this card. Please choose the number carefully and proceed through it.
  • Now you are required to enter some of your personnel and security information like date of birth and social security number.
  • Once you have entered it, make sure all those inputs are correct. If yes, then click Activate. Your card will be activated swiftly.

2. How to Activate Indigo Platinum Mastercard Activation through Phone

If you find it difficult or unable to activate your Indigo Platinum Mastercard online, you do not have to worry because you can do it offline with the same comfort of your home. Just follow these steps to do it:

  • On your phone call 1-866-946-9545, the official customer care number for Indigo Platinum Mastercard activation.
  • Now carefully listen to the instructor and proceed by selecting the Indigo card activation option.
  • Follow the instruction given by the instructor, and you can activate your card easily.
  • If you find it challenging to keep up with the robotic instructor, you can always press # on the phone to talk to the customer care executive directly.
  • Just like what we saw in the online activation process, here also, you will have to be ready with your card and account holder information. Once the customer care executive asks you, you have to provide the information.
  • If you do this patiently and correctly, your card will be activated.

Security and Conclusion 

We hope we have provided a hand full of information for you to activate your Indigo Platinum MasterCard. If you still face any trouble with your card or account, you can always call the Indigo customer care service at 1-866-946-9545; their customer care representatives will be happy to help you. To avoid fraud and identity theft, please make sure you put in your account holder and security information on the official website only and make sure to sign the back of your card once it gets activated. For what it is worth, make the most out of your Indigo Platinum Mastercard.

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Thank you for reading this article entirely, have a nice day.

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