How to Activate Global Cash Card : – [Guide]

Global Cash Card Corporation is an American organization giving financial innovation benefits worldwide to many merchants, industries, and businesses. Consequently, they get a level of exchange esteem. They offer these types of assistance legitimately to traders and in a roundabout way through other money-related associations. GCC likewise offers different supporting types of aid and examination to clients of its principle installment handling administrations.

Global cash cards are payroll cards created by GCC. This cash card can be used by employers to pay their employees. This cash card comes with no annual or basic fee; thus, the employers can buy it for free and have peace of mind. But Global Cash Cards are not totally free, they have transaction fees, but it is only charged when the users use it at an ATM or Store for a transaction.

Global Cash Card’s vigorous frameworks are effectively versatile to practically any finance programming and accommodate numerous highlights and advantages, including simple card stacking through ACH direct store or moment stacking from a pre-subsidized record, alongside constant announcing of all card stacking/charging action. Their transaction systems are so safe and secure so that the users can have peace of mind.

How to Activate Global Cash Card?

Now that we have discussed all the features, benefits, and prices of this Global Payments Cash Card, let us discuss how to activate it when you get one because this is where many people get confused; you too? Do not worry; read this article entirely to complete your Global Payments Cash card activation safely and securely.

Things Required for the Global Cash Card Activation Process:

Before diving into the activation process, make sure you have this information and documents ready in hand.

  • Your unique Global Cash Card.
  • Account Holder Information
  • Personal and security information

Got them ready? Now let us proceed towards the activation process.

Methods to Activate Your Global Cash Card:

There are three methods through which you can activate your Global Payments Cash Card, and they are:

  • Activation through Online.
  • Activation through Phone.
  • Activation through ATM.

1. How to Activate Your Global Cash Card Online:

Follow these steps to complete your Global Cash Card activation Safely and Securely.

  • Visit the official site for Global Cash Card activation or click this link in your browser:
  • Now enter the 16 digit card number and continue.
  • Now provide your username and password.
  • Now put in your four-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN).
  • Your card will be activated and you will be notified for the same.

2. How to Activate Your Global Cash Card Through Phone:

If you find it difficult or unable to do your Global Cash Card Activation Online, you can always do it Offline with your Phone. Follow these steps to do it quickly.

  • On your phone call, the official Global Cash card activation number:18663959200.
  • Follow the instructor carefully and choose to activate the debit card.
  • Provide the card details such as the card number and type of card.
  • Provide personal and security information.
  • Your card will be activated, and you will receive a notification for the same.

3. How to Activate Your Global Cash Card Through ATMs:

If you feel online or phone activation is not safe and unsure about it, do not worry. GCC gives you the comfort of activating your Debit card at an ATM. Follow these steps to do it swiftly.

  • Go to a nearby GCC ATM and swipe or insert your card.
  • Once the screen pops up with different options, click Card Activation. 
  • Now enter the 16 digit number on your card and the four-digit PIN.
  • Now provide other information such as personal and security identification.
  • Your card will be activated swiftly, and you get a confirmation message for the same.

Security and Conclusion: 

We hope we have provided a hand full of information for you to activate your Global Cash Card. If you still face any trouble with your card or account, you can always call the GCC customer care service at 18887622265; their customer care representatives will be happy to help you. To avoid fraud and identity theft, please make sure you put in your account holder and security information on the official website only and make sure to sign the back of your card once it gets activated. Also, if your card is lost or stolen, immediately alert customer service and block your card. For what it is worth, make the most out of your Global Cash Card.

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